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Nylon 6 w/33% Glass - 5% TPO Regrind

  • Price per lbs:$ 0.35
  • Price terms:FOB
  • Place of delivery/shipping:Greenville, SC ... In-Land Port of Greer, SC
  • Category:Nylon
  • Condition:Regrind
  • Quantity:60000 lbs
  • Payment method:Cash
  • Material description:

    Post Industrial Nylon 6 w/33% Glass - 5% TPO Regrind from Tool Handles.  There is no metal or any contamination and it is on-going.  We generate 60,000 pounds a month.  


    Previously, I mistakenly erred and listed this Regrind as containing 5% PBT - I meant to post it as 5% TPO (the black soft grip from the tool handle).

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