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PP GF20 Polypropylene Scrap postindustrial plastics

  • Price per lbs:Negotiable
  • Price terms:FOB
  • Place of delivery/shipping:2707 Flat Shoals Road, Decatur, GA, United States
  • Category:PP
  • Condition:Pellet
  • Quantity:80000 lbs
  • Payment method:ScrapoPay
  • Material description:

    PP GF20 Polypropylene Scrap postindustrial plastics from a car manufacturer. Our main plastics is PP GF 20%. We have two types of regrinds for this material, one directly from the car manufacturer in gaylords, the other, from pieces of scrap, processed, and packaged in super sacks. Our current stock is 330,000 pounds, monthly production is 80,000 pounds.  FOB: Arizona. Asking $.30/lb. Price Negotiable

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